Club Members' Code of Ethics
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To promote the highest ideals among all Siberian Husky owners and breeders, to strive for the maintenance and improvement of the best qualities of the breed as outlined by the American Kennel Club's approved standard of excellence, and to work continuously for the protection of the breed:

  1. I will, by my demeanor at all Siberian Husky activities, exemplify the virtues of good sportsmanship and fair play.
  2. I will attempt to educate and befriend the misinformed and novice owner.
  3. I will actively strive to keep well-informed of the the research and findings in canine medicine and will diligently work to eliminate hereditary defects.
  4. I will honestly and fully explain to all prospective Siberian Husky owners the disadvantages as well as the advantages of the breed.
  5. I will maintain my dogs in sanitary and comfortable conditions, providing regular veterinary care and periodic medications as required.
  6. I will prevent my dogs from running at large, providing them with adequate protection from theft or other dangers.
  7. I will, before entering into any breeding agreement, carefully analyze the prospective sire and dam, their pedigrees, and the breed standard. I will refuse the mating if I feel it not to be in the best interest of the breed. I will fully explain the reasons for the denial to the other party.
  8. I will, when entering into any breeding agreement, attest that the prospective sire and dam in question are mature, sound in temperament and body, and free from serious hereditary defects. I will require OFA certification or veterinary x-ray free of hip dysplasia (the former preferred). I will also require clear eye certification by an AVCO veterinarian ophthalmologist. I will only breed for the betterment of the breed.
  9. I will make available to buyers written information of feeding, general care, data on worming and inoculations, and pedigree records. Completed forms necessary for registration, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, will be delivered at the time of sale.
  10. I will refuse to sell puppies or dogs to commercial pet dealers, or to supply stock for raffles or similar promotions. I will attempt to insure that every puppy is going to a good home, and I will dissuade the unsuited individual from obtaining a Siberian Husky. I will not sell puppies before they are eight weeks old, in accordance with Connecticut law.
  11. I will, as stud dog owner, help the owner of the bitch in any way possible, including information on whelping, care and placement of puppies.
  12. I will, when confronted by a situation not covered by this Code of Ethics, act with the best interest of the Siberian Husky foremost in mind.

The Code of Ethics are available from the corresponding secretary and are downloadable in
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The Champion Degree Dog Award Form is downloadable in
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